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MM-Status Help

MobileMetaverse™(MM) provides products for 3D-Metaverse worlds such as SecondLife®(SL), In-Worldz™(IW), SpotOn3D™(SO3D), OpenSimulator™(OpenSim), and others.

NOTE: This 'MM-Status-Client' (for Windows® or many Android™ and other mobile devices) is half of the package.

  1. It requires you (or a friend) have "rezzed" the Http 'MM-Status-Server' object
  2. Then in the 'MM-Status-Client' client, you must set the "Server" parameters (its Owner in-world UUID and its Server-Password) to match the in-world server.

Server (Setup)

These values must match your in-world Http-Status server:
  1. Your online avatar name (used if you send messages):
    YourName GoesHere       (any text you wish, possibly: Display Name )
  2. Status-Server Owner UUID:
  3. The config specified Status-Server Password (*not* your in-world password):
    testAvatar4       (NEVER use your in-world login password.)
    Notes regarding Security:
  4. Ignore or Save any user entered changes


This displays the ONline/OFFline status of the server specified in-world avatars
  1. the in-world server contains a "config" notecard

Avatar InstantMessages and ONline Notice

  1. Double click any avatar in the status list
  2. For an ONline avatar you can enter and send an Instant Message to it
  3. For an OFFline avatar you can select to WATCH for it coming online
    (This also causes the status window to be auto-refreshed every 5 mins, checking status)
  4. For an OFFline Watched avatar you can clear the watch
    (This also stops status auto-refreshing, you must manually refresh status)


This web page.

Problems ?

Try, in this order, the following:
  1. Read this document, the above information
  2. Browse the MM-Status product page: https://MobileMetaverse.com
  3. EMail details to: Restless.Swords@gmail.com
  4. In-world Instant-Message details to "Restless Swords"